Capacity Building Widow Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation

Capacity Building, Widows Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation

Welcome to Attu Reachout Foundation where we carryout capacity building, widows empowerment and poverty alleviation to the less privilege in the society. Today, around the world, over a billion people live in slums, lack good health care, good education and more are being threatened by poverty.

Attu Reachout Foundation is working very hard to address these challenges and give hope to the hopeless. Join the move, put a smile on a face today.

Attu Reachout Foundation Empwering WidowsAttu Reachout Foundation visit to Adu and Aiede Primary School

What we do at Attu Reachout Foundation

These are some of the services we carry out to help make our community a better place.

Capacity Building

We put up skills and entrepreneurship programs for people living in rural areas where our facilitators teach them lots of skills that can empower them and improve the way they live.

Widows Empowerment

Attu Reachout Foundation empowers widows with relief materials and funds to start a micro-business so that they can be able to feed themselves and their family.

Scholarship to Orphans

We give out scholarships to orphans for them to have better education. This will help them to live right and provide for their basic needs.