Attu Reachout Foundation

What We Do

Attu Reachout Foundation supports the most vulnerable children in the society— orphans, homeless, abandoned or abused children. And also, we support widows and empower them to earn a living for themselves.

We also conduct seminars and workshop to educate and improve the skills of the youths in the community.

Our Top Priority

We support children from difficult backgrounds, in orphanages and children’s homes  and they benefit immensely from your financial support and encouragement as well as.

We put a strong emphasis on quality education because this will uplift not only the child you will come to know and love, but society as a whole.


We award  scholarships to promising students who cannot afford education most especially the orphans. With your help, a student can earn at least a secondary school certificate and break the cycle of poverty.

You can sponsor an individual student or you can give to the Attu’s Reachout Foundation Children Scholarship Fund.

With at least a secondary school certificate, our students enter adulthood with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to support themselves and their families.

Empowering Widows

Widows are vulnerable in our society. We empower widows with relief materials and funds to start a micro-business so that they can be able to feed themselves and their family.

Comprehensive List of what we do

  1. Widows Empowerment
  2. Capacity Building for Youths
  3. Water Supply Project
  4. Electrification Projects
  5. Medical Outreach Programmes
  6. Anti-Cultism/Drug Abuse and Related Vices and Interfaith Mediation
  7. School Building Projects
  8. Rehabilitation of Medical Facil

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2 Tantalizers Complex,
Ubiaja Crescent
Garki 2

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