Attu Reachout Foundation

Sponsor a Child to Complete Primary School

Every child deserves the right to quality education but some have no one to take care of them so this dream is lost. It will be a blessing if you take upon yourself today to sponsor a child through primary education. Please assist to build a life today.

Sponsor a Child to Complete Secondary School

You can help to give a child a hope for the future by sponsoring them through secondary school where they can be able to make use of the knowledge given to them for a better life.
We will be very glad to see you take up a child through secondary education.

Sponsor a Water Project for a Community

Billions of people today live in slums where they lack the basic amenities of life some of which are houses, clean water, light etc. Water is life, so we are carry out water project activities to be able to provide clean waters for communities and thereby improving lives in the rural communities. You could sponsor/support this project for a community to save lives and make the community and the world a better place for all.